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Welcome to Pilates HD

with Hayley Deaves

Wellness through movement & nutrition

With today's busy lifestyle we turn to convenience, miracle cures and quick fixes, when in most cases the solution is simple -  eating good, wholesome food and using our bodies for what they were intended - movement! 

The benefits of regular Pilates practice and good nutrition are boundless; they work harmoniously to enable the body to function optimally. By fuelling the body in the right way and understanding the mechanics of its movement, physical and emotional wellbeing can be restored.

Current  recommendations advise that adults undertake 150 minutes of physical activity per week, in addition to 2 or more sessions of conditioning or strengthening exercises.  Simple lifestyle changes can bring tremendous results that are both achievable and sustainable.

And so PilatesHD was born!

Why Pilates?

The Pilates method unites eastern and western philosophies to nurture the body, mind and spirit and improve overall health. Its functional and rehabilitative properties can complement sedentary habits which hold the muscles in a contracted state,  as well as an active lifestyle that can embed undesirable movement patterns.

The benefits of regular Pilates practice are significant:

  • Restores natural posture and movement patterns to relieve pain and discomfort

  • Promotes uniform development to strengthen and tone the muscles

  • Boosts energy and supports relaxation through mindful movement and optimal breathing

  • Enhances mobility through improved balance, coordination and proprioception

  • Improves joint mobility and bone density to support active ageing

  • Increases awareness of the body's functionality, reducing risk of injury and making it easier to perform daily living  activities


The Pilates method is founded on 6 key principles,  that together promote "true health"


Harmony of breath and movement increases the value of  each Pilates exercise. Full and controlled breathing nourishes and invigorates the body, reducing stress and improving circulation


Connection with the  central "Powerhouse" develops core strength  and establishes a strong foundation from which Pilates exercises can be optimally performed


Mindful movement throughout each exercise can prompt awareness of how the body functions enabling more efficient and functional movement patterns to be adopted 


Connecting body and mind ensures conscious control of each Pilates exercise, and develops awareness of what each part of the body is contributing


Full mobilisation of the joints supports fluid and efficient movement, and improves coordination 


Accurate Pilates  practice encourages correct alignment and balanced development, and enables the body to unlearn  negative movement patterns 



When you book 6 group, 1:1 or 2:1 sessions

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