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Back rehab Pilates for lower back pain 

My 12-week LBP programme delves deep into the potential causes of mechanical low back pain using static and dynamic postural assessments, and exploring possible contributing lifestyle factors. This informs a personalised prescription to help you better understand your body as a foundation for improvement movement and reduced pain.

"Absolutely love my Pilates sessions with you. 3 spinal surgeries have left me with a permanent weakness in my right leg and constant pain. I tried a PT at a gym and ended up really sore and damaged. However, these sessions have made such a difference to my perception of exercise and I have definitely been encouraged that I can exercise and not “hurt” myself. The exercise is gentle and personalised. Thank you Hayley, you are a star!" Dawn, LBP client

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Physical Therapist

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” Joseph H Pilates

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