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Revive & reset Mat Pilates classes

Revive and reset Pilates classes welcome groups of up to 20 and focus on the six Pilates principles of Breath, Centring, ConcentrationControl,  Precision and Flow. Lessons are dynamic and inclusive, with props available to assist with or progress participants' practice. Exercises are offered at varying levels of intensity, ensuring participants gain notable benefits from the Pilates method whatever their ability.  


Each class guides participants through a series of movements to improve strength, balance and coordination. Each lesson begins with an introduction to the Pilates breath, and mobilisation of the joints from a standing posture. Participants then move through a series of functional movements on the mat from a range of positions.

A series of stretches completes the lesson, followed by a short relaxation to restore and reset.

It is best to wear layeredloose-fitting clothes, and participants are encouraged to bring their own mat, as these are not always available at the venue.

Pilates is a low-impact discipline that encourages pain-free movement, although some mild discomfort is normal when building muscle strength and endurance. All participants are asked to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before joining a class, to make sure there is no risk of illness or injury.

"Attended my first ever Pilates class tonight. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Hayley is a great instructor. Looking forward to my next class now 😊" October 2020

Download the PAR-Q

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“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.” Joseph H Pilates

Online booking coming soon - please call or email to book and pay on the day!

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