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Battling the Blues

So it's early February and we are beginning to see the back of the long, cold winter days. Like many of you, I have been feeling the effects of winter more than usual, likely compounded by physical and emotional challenges of the last few years, and the ongoing lockdown situation. Some days are a real struggle, when staying is bed is far more appealing than other day in front of Netflix, and it's difficult to stay motivated and connected.

But with day after day of lethargy and fatigue, getting worse as the months progress, I have decided to take control of my wellbeing in the hope of brighter days ahead. Not one to sit still, I have (some days with great difficulty) pushed myself to stay active and engaged with the things that bring joy and purpose - running my Zoom classes, walking in nature, eating good food and learning new things.

I have avoided alcohol since new year's eve and on the advice of my GP also upped my vitamin D and magnesium intake. To get more of a boost, I've just invested in a SAD lamp, with many of my friends really feeling the benefits during the winter months. It's glowing onto my face as I write this, and has now become part of my morning routine (accompanied by a strong coffee!). It's still early days but hopefully I will begin to turn a corner and begin to feel uplifted and energised and we move into spring.

The upside of this experience is that I will be able to better connect with clients who may be facing similar challenges, helping them to find focus and motivation when their mind and body may want to shut down.

Check back to find out how I get on, and if you're experiencing similar symptoms, to speak to your GP as my own experience shows the long-term effects such symptoms can have on our wellbeing.

Keep smiling

H x

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