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November- focus on Rolling Like a Ball

A great release for the spine, Rolling Like a Ball gently massages and lubricates each vertebra through a compact and controlled movement. The movement lengthens the erector spinae muscles to assist with spinal extension, and improves balance and abdominal strength

To perform Rolling Like a Ball

Start in a seated position at the end of your mat, begin to c-curve the spine

Bring your knees to your chest (hip distance apart) and hold behind the thighs, or hold the ankles, and bring your head towards your navel

Lean back slowly and lift the feet off the mat, balancing on the sacrum

Inhale gently and roll back onto the shoulder blades – avoiding the neck. Feel each vertebra make contact with the mat

Exhale to roll back up to the starting position, trying not to let the feet touch the floor

Keep your abdominals engaged and the navel drawn in throughout the movement. The tighter your ball, the more difficult the movement will be

Avoid this movement if you have osteoporosis, bulging or herniated discs, or other spinal injuries

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