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October - focus on Superman

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Superman's focus on balance, coordination, stability and strength make it a powerful component of any Pilates practise. It's a wonderful movement for strengthening the lower back, improving pelvic control and bringing alignment to the extensor chain.

  1. Begin by aligning the wrists, elbows and shoulders, pushing away from the floor to stabilise through the shoulders

  2. Bring the knees and ankles at right angles with the hips, rounding and and sinking through the spine to find the midway point - the neutral spine

  3. Inhale through the nose to engage one arm and the opposite leg, exhaling as they extend away from each other, forming a straight line from the fingers to the toes. Control the movement to maintain a single plane of motion - as if moving between 2 panes of glass

  4. Inhale back to centre and repeat on the opposite side with the exhale, maintaining height through the shoulders and a level pelvis - visualise a glass of water on the small of the back and avoid spilling it

  5. With each exhale pull the navel in towards the spine and activate the pelvic floor muscles to promote core stability and help with balance

  6. Modify the movement by sliding the arm and leg along the floor rather than lifting, remembering to maintain a forwards/backwards flow as if moving on rails. Alternatively, move the arm or leg in isolation

Now you're ready to fly!

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