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Workout to Help Out - free classes!

For many of us, the new lockdown is further disrupting our fitness routines which, along with ongoing uncertainty, is also impacting on our emotional wellbeing. That’s why throughout the rest of November, I will be offering FREE Pilates classes via Zoom with a special focus on postural awareness, mindful movement and of course, relaxation.

To book please PM me, or email Logins will be issued once you’ve signed up.

I have scheduled the following sessions:


Thursday 12th November

Thursday 19th November

Thursday 26th November


Sunday 15th November

Sunday 22nd November

Sunday 29th November

All I ask is for a small, optional donation in support of mental health.

If you’re unable to donate, you are still very welcome to join me. We are all in this together!

Hope to see you there!

H x

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